Architectural design

• We do not work with product designers, we have an architect responsible for the design and development of our pots. This means our pots are conceived in a completely different way.

• Architectural design means smart, well thought out, sleek and a combination of form
and function.

• Aesthetics is key. Our pots will always have to be stunning in every way possible.


• We develop ranges which are not bound by trends. We want our products to be pretty
and relevant not only today, but also tomorrow and in ten years’ time. This has some
significant advantages:

• You will always be able to buy matching pots to the ones you already have.


• Durability is at our core of what we do. We not only want our products to withstand trends design-wise, we also want them to stand the test of time. Because of this we develop our products
with the highest quality recycled plastics. We want all our pots to be breakproof, frost resistant and
UV resistant while still being lightweight and stunning. Basically, we want our products to
look good and stay good for at least 10 years.


• Another result of our architectural design approach is innovation. We want to add new,
smart things to the world of pottery like invisible suspension systems, integrated drainage
systems and new use of materials.


• Our ECOPOTS are carefree. With easy unboxing, stacking and practical use.
• We stand for our products. This means all our products come with a 10 year warranty on
breakage and production faults.
• And when there is an issue, it is our challenge to resolve this quick, smooth and to every ones satisfaction. Carefree in every possible way.

Distribution and sales UK:

Ashortwalk LTD

Cligga Head Industrial Estate
St. Georges Hill


T 01872 575000

E dan@ashortwalk.com


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